Instant Oracle

Instant Oracle

This indispensable handy little book is a must have for programmers, database administrators and everyone working with Oracle databases. It is a portable guide that addresses the language’s complexity with an easy to follow format and numerous real world examples based on the most commonly used business database models. 

It serves as a concise and quick reference to those who are stuck and need an answer quickly. It also helps those who just want to be sure that they are applying the SQL syntax correctly.

Inside, you’ll find:
SQL Plus
Data types
Working with tables
Data constraints
Inserting, Viewing, Updating and Deleting data
Character/String, Numeric, Date functions
Grouping data
Union, Intersect And Minus

This small and handy book conveniently stays in your back pocket or somewhere near your keyboard. Instant Oracle efficiently condenses the details of its best selling companion book, Oracle For Professionals that delivers all of the basics and at the same time, serves those who want to harness the unexploited, overlooked power of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.